Becoming a supporter of the IWDA will help women from some of the most dangerous places in the world find safety – like Cathy.

 She lives in remote Bougainville. A place where over 80% of men admit to being sexually and physically violent to their wife or partner.  

 Your donation can: 

  •  Help a woman like her access urgent legal support to leave an abusive partner and access a safe place to live. 
  •  go towards the running of four safe houses in the region and help meet demand 
  •  Help run places like The Nazareth Centre for Rehabilitation which provides counselling, legal aid, medical support, and violence prevention programs. 
  •  Mean more women who need it will have somewhere safe to escape to – a place to recover and rebuild their life.  

 Because of generous people like you, IWDA can continue to defend and advance women’s rights across the Pacific.  

 We do this through establishing partnerships with courageous organisations and advocates who are trailblazing their nations’ fight for gender equality.  

 With ongoing funding through regular giving, our partners also get the chance to plan ahead. They can look to create a sustainable future for their projects and build capacity that leads to lasting social change. 

 Together, thanks to the support of people like you, we are working to end the horrifying reality of men’s violence against women in places like Bougainville and build a brighter future, where every woman can be safe at home. 

Feeling inspired by the work of women’s rights advocates in Bougainville?

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