Shan Women’s Action Network

Shan Women’s Action Network (SWAN) is a network of Shan women actively working in Shan State, Kachin State and Sagaing Division in Myanmar, and Northern Thailand. Their mission is to work towards gender equality and justice for ethnic women amidst the struggle for social and political change in Myanmar. To achieve this the organisation focuses on community based actions, research and advocacy. SWAN is one of the founding members of the Women’s League of Burma (WLB) and has been internationally recognised for their work promoting the rights of women in Myanmar.

Shan Women’s Action Network AND IWDA

IWDA and SWAN first partnered in 2001, two years after the organisation was established. Since then SWAN has faced many challenges posed by the Thai and Burmese governments, despite which they continue to strive for gender equality and justice through responsive and effective women-led programming, community-based actions, research and advocacy.

Quick Facts

  • Although conflict is still prevalent in the ethnic regions of Myanmar, SWAN remains committed to increasing the reach of their projects within Shan State, Kachin State and Sagaing Division.
  • The Women’s Wellbeing Programme (WWP) focused on conducting workshops to educate local women on issues that are not commonly discussed in village communities, including family planning, nutrition, hygiene, the prevention of diseases such as dengue fever and the impact of drug use on a person’s health.
  • SWAN’s Education Program provides access to education for over one thousand Shan refugee and migrant children, allowing them to continue their education through SWAN scholarships and supported boarding houses. Scholarships cover the cost of transportation, textbooks, lunches and teacher’s wages.