Rede Feto

Rede Feto is a network of organisations in Timor-Leste working to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment through advocacy, networking and capacity building. Its member organisations include key players delivering services and carrying out advocacy on issues of concern for women, particularly rural women.

Established in 2000 during the first Timor-Leste National Women’s Congress, Rede Feto is built upon its constituency: 14 strong women’s organisations coming from throughout the nation to advance women’s rights and create a strong platform for women’s voices in politics, economy, community and homes. 

Rede Feto and IWDA

IWDA’s partnership with Rede Feto began in August 2017. IWDA is supporting Rede Feto’s core operational costs, and elements of the planning, delivery and follow up of the most recent National Women’s Congress, bringing together women’s rights organisations and activists in Timor-Leste.

Quick Facts


  • For over 15 years, Rede Feto has led national advocacy for women and organised the Timor-Leste National Women’s Congress every four to five years, including regional consultations in all 13 municipalities.
  • The organisation coordinates civil society monitoring of government implementation of the CEDAW recommendations, as well as providing training for the Government and NGO sector on gender issues, and representing women’s rights and needs in many working parties and strategies.
  • Rede Feto also works on capacity-building and empowerment of member organisations which operate both in the capital city of Dili and across Timor-Leste with several based in isolated rural districts – Covalima, Los Palos, Oe-cusse.
  • Rede Feto’s vision is that women in Timor-Leste are free from any form of discrimination and can participate effectively in the sustainable development of Timor Leste.