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Assist a woman to become an MP in Myanmar

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This card by Eirian Chapman will make real change for women in Asia Pacific.

It can support a woman in Myanmar to become a Member of Parliament through training, mentoring and support. Myanmar’s political context is rapidly changing and supporting women to become MPs is crucial to ensure that the cultural norms, laws and policies that undermine women’s rights are transformed.

Your impact

Despite limited democratic reforms since Myanmar’s transition to a quasi-civilian government in 2011, horrific women’s rights violations are still widespread. At this critical time for change, it’s essential that women are at the table when decisions about their lives are made.

Akhaya Women is a local women’s organisation led by and for women. It supports empowerment through individual and experiential learning in small women’s groups to develop leadership skills.

About the artist

Eirian Chapman is an illustrator working for local and international clients from her studio in Melbourne. She creates works for advertising, editorial, digital and retail campaigns and is represented by the Jacky Winter Group Australia. Eirian’s work explores colour and shape through abstract concepts and she enjoys working with risqué, dark and humorous themes. Some of her clients include The Australian Ballet, Schweppes, Commonweatlth bank, GQ magazine, The Guardian, Koko Black, The Big Issue and Monocle magazine. She has been featured in publications such as Curvy, Nobrow and Behind Illustration 2.

“I was inspired by the hope and strength of the women of Myanmar and wanted this to be the main focus of the image. By standing up for women’s rights and working together in the community, women can move society forward. The bright colour palette was influenced by the many vibrant colours and flowers women wear in Myanmar” – Eirian Chapman

All cards are ethically printed in Australia on eco-friendly 100% recyclable paper.

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