Pacific Parliaments

August 12, 2015

Despite gains in women’s political participation, women are still drastically underrepresented across the Pacific. According to recent figures published by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, women make up just 15.7% of membership in Pacific national parliaments.

IWDA’s Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women program is focussed on working with program partners across Fiji, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea to increase women’s participation in formal politics. While the barriers to entry into Parliament are both structural and cultural, IWDA continues to work with program partners to challenge the male-dominated culture of politics and change the gendered role division that too often discourages women from pursuing politics to begin with.

Since the commencement of IWDA’s FLOW program, our partners have facilitated numerous initiatives including leadership forums, trainings and workshops designed to educate and support women on their journey to parliament.