Mobilising men in practice: challenging sexual and gender-based violence in institutional settings

April 3, 2015

Through exploring ways of engaging men as gender activists within their everyday contexts, the Mobilising Men program is working to better understand what it takes to confront sexual and gender-based violence in institutional settings. Since early 2010, the Institute for Development Studies, with support from UNFPA, has partnered with implementing civil society organisations in India, Kenya and Uganda to identify, recruit, train and support teams of male activists to work with women in developing campaigns to challenge and change the policies and cultures of specific institutional settings that condone or even fuel sexual and gender-based violence.

‘Mobilising Men in Practice’ brings together stories and lessons from this work, as well as some of the tools used by the partners in India, Kenya and Uganda. It is intended to inspire and guide others who are committed to engaging more men in efforts to address sexual and gender-based violence within the institutions in which we live our lives.

Download the document from the Institute of Development Studies