Our New Strategic Plan

October 4, 2016

The many women that make up IWDA and our partners. Photo: Gemma Carr

We’re pleased to launch our Strategic Plan 2016-2021, which will set the direction for the next five years of our work. We are embracing global feminist thinking to ensure we both advance and protect the rights of women and girls in all our diversities.

Our previous five year strategic plan set strong growth and thematic targets which we surpassed in both quantity and quality. Looking forward, the environment in which we’ll be working is characterised by substantial change in the political, economic, social, technological and environmental spheres.

For the next five years, we’ll be guided by the following goals:

1. Promote women’s leadership and participation

2. Strengthen women’s safety and security

3. Accelerate women’s economic empowerment

4. Advance systemic change

5. Ensure organisational sustainability and accountability

sp     You can view the full Strategic Plan 2016-2021 here.