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Every time you want to go to the bank, you have to take a small, rocky boat across the ocean.

Every time you need to deposit some money or withdraw some cash, you have to risk your life.

This is the reality that thousands of women in the Solomon Islands face every day.


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Many women in the Solomon Islands don’t have a safe space to store their money.

The Pacific nation is made up of hundreds of islands with only one bank on the main island. The only way to get there is a long and dangerous boat ride.

Women are forced to hide cash at home, where there is a chance their precious savings will be stolen, or a risk they will experience violence from the men in their family.

The West ‘Are’Are Rokotanikeni Association (WARA) savings and loan club, one of IWDA’s partners, are working to change that. The club is a women-led, volunteer-run savings and loans club that help women from the Malaita Province to manage their money and store their savings safely.

WARA is run by women in the community, each woman deposits money for personal savings as well as shared projects – like new businesses or community improvements, which benefit everyone.

Barbara’s struggle to save for emergencies

Barbara lives an 8-hour boat ride away from her nearest bank. The boat journey to get there is extremely expensive, dangerous and exhausting.

Barbara tried to hide her precious savings in her house, but she experienced what no one should have to go through—the terrifying discovery her home had been robbed and her entire life savings were gone.

With all her money gone, Barbara was forced to rely on her partner for cash. She had no financial independence or control over her money or her future.

Barbara had to ask her partner for money whenever she needed to buy food and it was impossible for her to safely save for emergencies, medication or her children’s education.

Pictured: A member of the West ‘Are’Are Rokotanikeni Association (WARA) savings and loan club.


It was the situation of women like Barbara who inspired a group of local Solomon Islands women to take action and start the savings club.

The WARA savings club is one of IWDA’s partners that helps women to manage their money and store their life savings safely. Having a space place to store and invest their money means that they can pay for their children’s education or even start a small business.

The good news is that Barbara was able to attend leadership and financial training and has started a savings club in her own community. She has a safe place to store her money now, and is slowly starting to have more control over how it is spent.

But for every woman that is able to take control of her money, there are more than 100 women and girls struggling to stand up for their rights.

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