Help Remove Barriers to Women’s Leadership

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how vital it is to have women making decisions, protecting and defending their communities. 

To ensure women’s priorities and solutions are considered in decision-making, women must be represented in leadership positions. 

Right now, there are many strong women leaders standing up and fighting to be heard in their communities. Women like Sreyha*, who fought against all odds to become a leader in her local community in Cambodia. 

 Unfortunately for Sreyha, restrictive gender roles meant she was expected to help out around the house and rice fields instead of going to school. 

Despite being told leadership was only for men, Sreyha continued her studies and went on to become a local councillor for her community.  

For Sreyha, her mission was simple. She wanted women and girls in her community to live a life free from violence:

I hated seeing men commit violence against women, and I think that’s because of the way my father used to treat my mother. So I started to volunteer doing social work in my community.  

In 2013, the ruling party approached me because they needed women candidates for the sub-national election. Starting from that year, I became the commune councillor.” 

Imagine how much more women leaders could accomplish if they didn’t have to work so hard to merely take their seat at the table. 

If they were able to access the training and support they need to overcome barriers to leadership. 

IWDA partners with local women’s rights organisations to provide women leaders with the resources, skills, and networks they need to lead. 

But with many women leaders waiting to access this training, IWDA partners need more support and resources. 

Please donate now to help remove barriers to women’s leadership this International Women’s Day.