Help young women gain their freedom back

In northern Myanmar an estimated 98,000 young people are vulnerable to human trafficking.

They lose their freedom and are treated as property.

Every young woman deserves her freedom, not a living hell.


Last year, many people across the globe raised their voices and demanded better treatment for women. But while voices are being raised, in countries like Myanmar where violence is on the rise, thousands remain silent.

Thankfully, IWDA’s partner organisation, Ta’ang Women’s Organisation (TWO) works hard to free trafficked women and help give them a second chance at life.

Cho Cho knows the horrors of trafficking

At just 14 years of age, Cho Cho was forced to leave school to help support her aging parents. Cho Cho was thrilled to receive help from a woman who got her a job in a noodle shop near the Chinese border.

But away from her family, Cho Cho was an easy target for traffickers.

The same woman who had helped her get the job at the noodle shop forced Cho Cho into a car and trafficked her China, where she was sold to a family to be their son’s wife. For months Cho Cho was their prisoner.

Every day she was locked in the house that had become her prison, forced to cook and clean against her will.

This is why we urgently need your help. That any young woman could find herself in such a terrifying situation shows how far we are from a world that is safe for women and girls.


Thanks to TWO’s hard work, made possible through the kindness of Australian supporters, many young women like Cho Cho have been given a second chance at life.

In the past six months, 37 young women, like Cho Cho, have gained emergency shelter following their escape. But thousands more still need your help.

Today, your kindness can help even more young women like Cho Cho gain their freedom back.