(Trigger warning: This page contains themes of violence against women. There are numbers for Australian support services provided at the bottom of this page)

Recently, many people across the globe raised their voices calling for full and equal rights for women everywhere.
But in countries across Asia and the Pacific where IWDA work, thousands remain silenced.

Women like Jane*, who live in remote communities, are in urgent need of life-saving support to escape violent homes. Jane lives in Solomon Islands, which spans over 900 small volcanic islands across the Pacific Ocean.

With its stunning landscapes, Solomon Islands is truly a beautiful place.
But sadly, it’s also one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman.

One in three women in Solomon Islands has been sexually abused before the age of 15.

Two in three women aged between 15 and 45 have experienced physical or sexual violence from an intimate partner.

Enough is enough. Every woman, everywhere, has the right to be safe.

Please make an urgent donation to help women like Jane escape violence.

Help Women Escape Violence

Family Support Centre is one of the only local organisations in Solomon Islands that provides confidential and free counselling, legal support and case management services to survivors of gender-based violence.

Lorio (pictured) is the Centre Manager and says that demand for domestic violence support services in Solomon Islands is alarmingly high.

“Women who experience violence and abuse will often face challenges accessing the support services they need… This is why the work of Family Support Centre is so important, because we also work outside of urban areas,”


Jane knows the horror of being trapped in a violent home. For years her husband was violent towards her and she had nowhere to turn.

Then Jane heard about one of IWDA’s partners, Family Support Centre, an organisation that provides crucial support to women who live in rural areas and who have nowhere else to turn.

Family Support Centre is providing life-saving support to women and children.

But they are struggling. They are stretched. They need your help.

If you’re in a position to do so, please make an urgent donation today to help women escape violence and access support from organisations like Family Support Centre.

Help Women Escape Violence



Violence against women is an abuse of power that can have serious physical, psychological and emotional impacts. If you’ve experienced any type of violence and would like to talk to someone, please consider contacting the Centre for Sexual Assault on 1800 806 292, Lifeline on 13 11 14, 1800RESPECT, or Q Life on 1800 184 527 (for people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and/or intersex).