Dealing with trolls will make young women sympathetic to Hillary Clinton

April 20, 2015

This piece by Jessica Valenti for The Guardian discusses the new understanding young women have for the criticism Hillary Clinton, who recently announced her campaign for presidency in 2016, has received over the years. With the explosion in popularity of social media, all women become targets at some point. Now they have a newfound understanding, perspective, and sympathy.

“Her career has long epitomised how misogyny can haunts female politicians: the Hillary “nutcracker”, the pokes about her headbands, her hair, her pantsuits, her voice. She has too often been the target of insults based on men’s fear about powerful women – an unenviable position that few can understand.

At least, we couldn’t understand it in 2008. But thanks to the explosion of social media, everyone is a public figure, at least in a micro sense: we all have friends, followers, fans and drive-by haters. And a new generation of young female voters who have grown up being targets of digital abuse may empathise with the sexism that was and will be directed at Clinton.”