Amara supports elected women commune councillors and potential women candidates to build their leadership skills and confidence. They bring together grassroots women’s organisations to promote women’s participation in decision making and community platforms. Amara works in partnership with local government and communities for women’s empowerment and to improve living conditions, increase awareness of democratic governance and human rights issues.


IWDA first partnered with Amara in 2012. Amara contributes to IWDA’s research on Women’s Leadership and Participation programming. IWDA and Amara’s partnership focuses on the engagement of women candidates in elected government.

Quick Facts

  • Amara pioneered the first series of training programs in Cambodia, ‘Leadership, Self and Group Development’ as well as ‘Community Development Concepts’. These programs trained 560 women, across 7 provinces.
  • Amara is a leading agency in Siem Reap working directly with newly elected women to support their leadership skills, confidence and abilities to meaningfully participate in local decision making.